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Tularosa Equine Clinic was developed to serve the growing horse population in the Tularosa Basin and surrounding areas.

Services available at Tularosa Equine Clinic

  1. Reproduction - We provide both stallion and mare management. This includes breeding soundness evaluations; semen evaluation; cooled semen shipment, receipt and breeding; frozen semen processing, receipt and breeding; reproductive surgery; embryo recovery with shipment to your choice of facilties for embryo transfer
  2. Lameness Diagnosis and Treatment - We offer both digital radiography and digital ultrasonagraphy as adjunctive diagnostic modalities. We have ProStride (ACS) and Restigen (PRP) available as in-house treatments as well as multiple intraarticular therapies.
  3. Internal Medicine - We can provide in-depth medicine evaluations including purchase examinations for a wide variety of disciplines, nutrition consultations, ophthalmology, dentistry, gastroenterology and dermatology. We have 1m and 3m video endoscopy as well as 1m fiber optic endoscopy.
  4. Elective Surgery - We have a full surgical suite with separate induction and recovery rooms. Elective orthopedic surgeries can be scheduled on request.

Reference Quality Laboratory Equipment


Idexx Procyte

We can have results in 3 minutes, reference lab quality in-house.


Idexx Vettest with VetLab Station

Results in 8 minutes and a variety of chemistry test options. 


Idexx VetStat

Blood gas results, fast and not just in surgery!


Lactate meters

We have Lactate meters in-house and in our trucks to give quick prognostic information on colics, joint inflammation, etc.


SAA - StableLab

We have StableLab readers and tests in trucks and in house. Serum Amyloid A (SAA) is a rapid test for infection.



We have a federally accredited Coggins lab as well as the ability to perform culture, senstivity and cytology.


Parasight Fecal egg system

We can have results in 2.5 minutes, reference lab quality in-house.


DVM Stat Rapidtest

Quantitative IgG values for best practices in newborn foal medicine


24 Beanblossom Rd.
Tularosa, NM 88352 


Email: info@tularosaequine.com   Phone: (575) 585-3561      
Fax: (575) 585-3562
(844) 585-3561

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