•Reproduction - both mare and stallion management, including stallion training, semen evaluation and cooled semen shipment.

•Frozen semen receiving and breeding

•Breeding soundness examinations

•Selected reproductive surgery

•We offer embryo recovery with your choice of facilities for embryo transfer. We can recover, grade and package the embryo to allow transfer either in state or at the out of state recipient station of your choice

At Tularosa Equine Clinic, LLC, we are pleased to offer the following services

    •Lameness diagnosis & treatment                                   

    •Digital Radiography - true direct digital from Sound Technologies

  •Purchase examinations (wide variety of disciplines)

  •Internal medicine

  •Nutrition consultations

  •Digital Ultrasound

  •Video Endoscopy -- Upper airway,      Gastroscopy (stomach), Uterus, bladder

  •Elective orthopedic surgery

In the near future, we hope to offer full surgical and referral capabilities. 

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