Current technology

Current Technology available at Tularosa Equine Clinic

Radiography  --
Our digital radiography unit has been delivered and is in  use. We chose the Sound Technologies digital radiography for its high quality image, ease of use and portability. With the Sound Technologies unit, having a board certified radiologist review films is just a click away. And if you need sale films, we can have film printed and shipped to you for a minimal additional fee. Fully portable high frequency radiography is available as well as the ability to develop films on site (at the clinic).  We maintain relationships with board certified surgeons and radiologists to provide accurate and professional second opinions.

Videoendoscopy– An endoscope is small flexible fiber optic tube with an attached camera that allows direct visualization of otherwise inaccessible structures. We currently have 2 video endoscopes and 1 portable fiber optic endoscope that allow us to check the nasal cavity, throat, esophagus, trachea, lungs, stomach, uterus, urethra and ear. A respiratory endoscope exam is indicated for any horse with a chronic cough or respiratory disease. Exercise intolerance in high performance horses is also an indication for endoscopy. Gastroscopy is an endoscopic exam of the upper digestive tract down to and including the stomach. Specific indications for gastroscopy would be chronic or frequent bouts of colic or loss of appetite. There also has been a link with stomach ulcers and sore backs, but the most common complaint is poor performance. Reproductive endoscopy may include guarded insemination directly into the uterine horn to increase pregnancy rates for subfertile stallions. Examination of the uterus (hysteroscopy) may help detect uterine abnormalities preventing pregnancy that we may not see on an ultrasound examination. All of these procedures are often requested for purchase examinations.

Ultrasound – New advances in ultrasound instrumentation and technique can aid in the diagnosis of colic, lung and neonatal diseases, high-risk pregnancies, fetal sexing/well being and tendon injury. Fetal health can be assessed more reliably through direct visualization of the placenta and the heart in some late term pregnancies. Further, ultrasound allows visualization of soft tissue injuries that may contain foreign bodies (i.e. wood) since some foreign materials and some wounds do not radiograph well. We currently have a state of the art digital ultrasound with specific and separate probes for use in tendon /ligament/joint ultrasounds as well as a reproductive probe.

Surgical Monitoring – Instrumentation modified for use in the horse has significantly increased the success rate of equine surgery over the past few years. Monitoring heart rate and rhythm (EKG) blood pressure, and tissue oxygenation are very useful in intensive care medical cases as well as during surgical procedures.

Laboratory – We felt that a complete in-house lab was necessary for intensive care cases where prompt results may be necessary for survival and for general medicine cases where an accurate diagnosis is paramount.  More timely culture results have allowed us to institute appropriate treatment quicker for wound and bone infections, and know mares are clean for breeding before their cycle is over. Infected mares can have treatment started sooner. We also now have a federally accredited in-house Coggins lab for better turn around times.

Farrier Service – David Hesseltine – a certified Journeyman Farrier is available at the clinic by appointment. He has over 35 years experience shoeing horses with a particular emphasis on corrective shoeing for the lame horse. More information on David is available at Other excellent farriers are available by appointment at other times. In a clinic situation, more careful monitoring of angles and hoof balance can be accomplished through radiographic guidance. Your own farriers are always more than welcome to work out of our clinic if special needs are required.

Dentistry – With the availability of power instrumentation we are now more equipped for advanced dental procedures, and as always certified equine dentists are visiting on a regular basis for those procedures requiring more specialized equipment and expertise.

Alternative Medicine – We do not currently offer chiropractic or acupuncture options at Tularosa Equine Clinic, LLC. However, we maintain relationships with veterinarians who are chiropractors, and can offer a referral to Divine Equine Massage here in Tularosa.

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